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That would be The Magic Christian, although I prefer the line "Now for a good clean kill!"  I suppose it would stand to reason that I would like a film like The Magic Christain as it pretty much has the same opinion of people that I have.  It may stand to reason but reason has nothing to do with it and no, I don't care for the film.  But yes, I saw it.  I don't care for the book either.  But yes, I read it.  But we all fill our lives with things we don't much like, do we not?  We do.  I do, anyhow.  I can't speak for you.  No, yes I can.  Speak for you.  But I won't.  I'll speak for me and everybody else but you, how's that?  And if everybody else doesn't like it, well, hard cheese, live with it, it's just one more thing you don't like in a world full of things you don't like so take it in stride, you've had plenty of practice, you ought to be pretty good at it by now, hardly feel the pain, maybe don't even recognise it AS pain anymore, it's just the way things are.  And it really is, just the way things are.  We are surrounded by the unlikable.  We are befogged with the unlovable.  We endure the unthinkable, eat the inedible, suffer the unreasonable, and tolerate the intolerable.  Why?  Because that's what we have availible.  That is our world, foisted off on us for our own good by people who don't give a rat's (can I say ass?  Maybe only the Big People get to say ass.) sitting and (Can'tsay that either! Rhymes with sitting but has an "H" in it) part about our own good.  We watch what they let us watch and out of desperation learn to like it.  We get to listen to what they let us listen to, read what they allow us to read, and think our own thoughts only if we keep them to ourselves and don't offend anyone, especially those who offend us.  Some of us survive by clutching a few short frayed threads of sanity, of taste, of...especially forbidden...reason.  Most of us adapt.  We learn the public face and memorise the public voice and keep ourselves, our real selves, to ourselves.  There's a little bit of Winston Smith in all of us.  Well, almost all of us.  All of us but The Big Guys, the rule makers who are the only ones who get to be the rule breakers, the Inner Party, the cool ones, those who "Know Best".  They do what they like, when they like, how they like, to whomsoever they like.  And we worship and respect them for it.  Or...or maybe I'm wrong.  Maybe I'm a bent pin, just out of touch and out of tune.  Could be the world is a wonderful place full of delightful people who care for us all, each and every one.  I may well be the only unhappy person on the planet...but no, that can't be, I know lots and lots of people who are the only unhappy person on the planet.  But just for laughs think about things and make two lists: "Like" and "Don't Like" and compare them.  Take one moment to step back out of your peer group, your "Circle", and look at things through your own eyes rather than their tinted lenses.  See if you really like what you see.  Oh, and for those of you thinking "If you don't like it why don't you do something about it?"  I am doing something about it.  I'm watching out for number one.  I'm staying clear of the flock.  Here's another movie quote (not from the Magic Christian or a Charlton Heston film) "If God did not want them sheared he would not have made them sheep."  Well katz and kitties it ain't God who made us sheep.  You gotta be willing.  You got to learn to like it.  Or not. That's up to you.  Oops, I mean everyone but you.  I'm not talking about you, remember?  No need to be offended, I'm just ranting at me and all the sheep, not ewe.  Just ignore the whole thing.  Pay no attention to the man behind...oh, no, that's not right.  But really, pay me no nevermind, it's the weather and my meds acting up.  A little sleep and I'll feel much better.  It all comes out with a little lemon and, that's blood.  I'm done for now.  See?  There I am, gone.
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My history is even more boring than my physical self.

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