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Oh?  Do you?  Do you really?  Do I?  Know who I am, not who you are.  Does anyone?  Know who they are?  Know who you are, for that matter.  They think they know who you are.  Just like you think you know who they are.  You, and they, think they know who I  And I know I think I know who I think you and they are.  And I'm sure I know who I am, or at least which ever of me I am knows who the me I'm not just then is, or isn't (say Is Not, contractions make you sound low brow but saying each and every word fully makes you sound like Mister Spock and everyone thinks he's {He Is} smart, although I doubt anyone could stand to be in a room with him for over three minutes, which is impossible in any case, because Mister Spock is a fictional character and has no real existance other than in your mind, he is (see?) not real for Pete's sake and don't ask me {us} who Pete is because not even Pete knows who he is, really, that is) at any given time, ever.  This is the kind of carp (can't use crap, it is {see?} a naughty word.  Actually a body function but almost all of those are naughty.) that eats your brain if you pay attention to Philosophers.  Philosophers know that they know nothing because they are so much smarter than we are, we who foolishly think we do know something, but don't, which they know we don't know and which they take great pleasure in pointing out to us that we don't (know).  But they do.  But I digress, a word I learned from my Uncle Lloyd, the Philosopher.  I could just say I'm getting off the track, which we can all understand, not that I would suggest you don't know what digress means, which I can't know you don't know because I don't know you, much less myself, who you don't know either.  Glad we cleared that up.  So, to continue (means move ahead), I digress.  Do not trust your brain.  That's the point.  You cannot trust your brain because it will, and does, work behind your back to protect you from thoughts and knowledge it thinks are dangerous for you to think or know.  You may need your brain but it does not need you.  Your brain lets you think you are in control, but if you were really in control, your brain would do what you want it to rather than you doing what it wants you to (do).  And your brain's first line of defense is to keep you from knowing who you really are.  It protects itself, and you, by never letting you be sure who you are and never letting you know you don't know (who you are).  You don't know who you are.  I don't know who I am.  Nobody knows who anybody is.  I have to stop here, before my brain notices what I'm doing and puts a stop to it.  But wait.  Am I stopping because I want to, or because it (brain) wants me to?  How can I know?  I can't.  And niether can you.  Think about it, assuming your brain will let you.  Well, hello there, I didn't notice you come in.  You must be here for the progress report.  Ball Point Pens are still the tool of choice.  Photos are iffy.  I have plans for Plastic People but just can't seem to get around to them.  Grunch is sorely lacking, due to there being no inspiration for same.  That's your fault.  Come on, sling some slop my way.  Stir the pot. Oh nevermind.  It doesn't matter.  Matter is energy...where the hell (oops) did that come from?  Not important.  I don't want to think about that.  And there I am, gone.

BTW: who said "just who do you think you are?" to who(m) in what...what...what...
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My history is even more boring than my physical self.

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